Dolce Imports was born out of a peanut shed in Virginia and is run by military veterans who have been competing and winning against the wine industry goliaths since 2007. We are a thriving, innovative and exceptionally hardworking team with distribution across 15 states that include Southern, Republic, Glazers, and Charmer-Sunbelt. At Dolce Imports, wine is our passion and the perfect wine is our pursuit. We want to change the way you think about wine.

Since 2007, we’ve been able to introduce completely unknown brands with immense quality into some of the largest US retailers. To stay competitive and after too many times buying a bottle of wine with the right price and good looking package that did not live up to expectations, we knew wine shoppers deserved a change. SommsChoice was developed to bring the Michelin-starred restaurant wine experience that’s typically only enjoyed on vacations or special events to everyday wine shopping.

Today, thousands of people will attempt to navigate the wine aisle in search of the perfect wine. After staring blankly for several minutes, one of two things will happen. One, they will blindly grab a bottle hoping it will compliment their chicken dinner. Or two, they become frustrated and overwhelmed by the sheer number and fall back on their usual bottle. This is where SommsChoice steps in.

The SommsChoice seal of approval goes beyond common accolades like “Most Awarded” to immediately provide the customer an assurance of quality from the industry’s certified experts. With the SommsChoice approval, the days of being hesitant to try lesser known wineries, like Gelisi Antonio, are over.